Sweet Southern Sleuths Box Set 3

Sweet Southern Sleuths Box Set 3

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Sweet Southern Sleuths Box Set 3 Contains Books 9-12 In One Easy Download! Click Here To Read More...

About the Book

Sweet Southern Sleuths Box Set 3

Contains Books 9-12 PLUS


Book 9: Secrets of a Stranger
Book 10: Library Lockdown
Book 11: Vandals & Vigilantes
Book 12: Fatal Frolic
Book 9: Secrets of a Stranger Summary

When Loretta takes in a homeless stranger off the streets, Lacy, Loretta’s twin sister, is totally against the idea, and even Uncle Ichabod is on the fence.

Despite their objections, Loretta decides to let the stranger stay in exchange for help with the rental properties.

Almost immediately, odd things begin to occur and Loretta starts to question her decision.

Are the recent events just a coincidence or will the secrets of the stranger prove to be more than Loretta bargained for?


Book 10: Library Lockdown Summary

With a few extra hours a week on her hands, Loretta Sweet decides to volunteer at Misery, Mississippi’s small library.

Just days after being hired, the librarian, Iris Huggins, asks Loretta to run outside and empty the book return bin. Loretta has almost finished retrieving all of the books when she discovers one stuck in the far corner. She quickly realizes that not only is the book stuck in the back, but it’s also covered with a sticky substance that appears to be blood!

Things go from bad to worse when police arrive on scene and discover there’s more than just a suspicious library book…there has also been a murder. With the library in “lockdown” and the town in an uproar, it soon becomes apparent that Loretta was in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Book 11: Vandals & Vigilantes

A wave of vandalism is sweeping through the small town of Misery, Mississippi and no one has felt the effects of it more than local business owners, Loretta and Lacy Sweet.

After their trailer park and teepee rental business is repeatedly vandalized, the twin sisters along with their Uncle Ichabod decide that enough is enough and fight back…vigilante style!

With little or no real help from the local police and no relief in sight, the family decides to take matters into their own hands.

Will their vigilante force be enough to catch the vandals and bring them to justice, or will the chaos and destruction turn deadly?


Book 12: Fatal Frolic

Lacy and Loretta Sweet, along with Uncle Ichabod, are busy planning a big, “resident appreciation” party for the Breezy Point Trailer Park residents and the Take Two Teepee Rental tenants.

Everything is moving along swimmingly until just days before the big party, part-time maintenance man, Ted Tuttle, discovers a dead body in the trailer park’s pool.

They soon discover that the deceased is a local and one of Misery, Mississippi’s business owners. Authorities suspect foul play and immediately blanket the entire clubhouse swimming pool area with crime scene tape.

Will the Sweet sisters, along with Uncle Ichabod, solve the mystery before their residents move out in a panic or will the fatal frolic cause their business to go belly up?


Sweet Southern Sleuths Box Set 3

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