Summer Sleuths Collection

Summer Sleuths Collection

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Series: Hope Callaghan Collections, Book 3
Genres: Christian Fiction, cozy mysteries, Mystery Books - Box Sets
Tag: cozy mysteries collection
Length: 1020

Grab the Summer Sleuth Collection today! This is a 6 Book Cozy Mysteries Collection featuring the Women Sleuths from Hope Callaghan’s most popular series.  Enjoy hours of entertainment with over 1,000 pages of clean cozy mysteries.  Each book has a summer theme.

About the Book

Summer Sleuths Collection

Grab this 6 Book Cozy Mysteries Collection featuring the Women Sleuths from Hope Callaghan’s most popular series. Enjoy hours of entertainment with over 1,000 pages of clean cozy mysteries. Each book has a summer theme.

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“If you like clean cozy mysteries that keep you guessing until the end, you’ll love Hope Callaghan’s Books!”


Hope Callaghan Cozy Mysteries Collection (Summer Sleuths Edition)

1- Sun, Sand, and Suspects (Garden Girls Cozy Mystery Series)
2- Swag in Savannah (Made in Savannah Cozy Mystery Series)
3- Deadly Deception (Cruise Ship Cozy Mystery Series)
4- Nightmare in Nantucket (Garden Girls Cozy Mystery Series)
5-Tides of Deception (Samantha Rite Mystery Series)
6- Divine Secrets (Divine Cozy Mystery Series)
Plus Bonus Short Story “Secrets of a Stranger”
Book 1- Sun, Sand, and Suspects
Newlyweds Paul and Gloria Kennedy are about to embark on their long awaited honeymoon. The only problem is, Gloria has no idea where they’re going since her husband, Paul, wanted to surprise her with the honeymoon location.
She is relieved to discover their flight will be landing in sunny Florida. Visions of sprawling, luxurious resorts boasting sandy white beaches and sparkling pools fill Gloria’s head. Unfortunately, Paul has a completely different honeymoon location planned.
When they arrive at their final destination, not only does Gloria have to come to grips with her disappointment, she has to figure out why one of the first people the newlyweds come across is a dead man.
Before the couple can even unpack, unexpected guests arrive and settle in across the street.
Can Gloria solve the mystery of the suspicious death and salvage her honeymoon…or will the sun, sand, and suspects prove to be deadly?

Book 2 – Swag in Savannah
Carlita Garlucci is thrilled that her son, Tony, has arrived in Savannah to help with the opening of their new pawnshop, “Savannah Swag.” While giving her son a tour of the property, they stumble upon a hidden trap door that leads to an undiscovered basement with a tunnel.
Curious to find out where the tunnel leads, Tony breaks through the wall and discovers underground passageways rumored to have been used by pirates to smuggle their stolen goods into the historic city. While exploring the tunnel, the Garluccis find skeletal remains with ties to a darker secret that has been hidden behind the tunnel walls for decades.
The gruesome discovery causes Carlita to wonder what other secrets her property holds. Despite her insistence they reseal the tunnel, Carlita’s children convince her to leave it open long enough for them to explore the passageways as they attempt to solve a decades old mystery.
They quickly discover that the secrets hidden underground are tied not only to the previous owners of her property, but also implicate Carlita’s deceased husband, Vinnie.
Will Carlita and her children be able to clear Vinnie’s name, or will their snooping around incriminate him even more?



Summer Sleuths Collection

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