Setup in Savannah

Setup in Savannah

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Setup in Savannah Is A Cozy Mystery Book By Author Hope Callaghan. It's Book 7 In the Made In Savannah Cozy Mysteries Series. Read More...

About the Book

“Setup in Savannah” is Book 7 in the Made in Savannah Cozy Mysteries Series


Setup in Savannah Summary:

When Mercedes is setup for a murder she didn’t commit, she and her family must track down the real killer before their mafia past is exposed.


Carlita Garlucci is thrilled that her daughter-in-law and grandchildren have arrived in Savannah for their first visit.  She secretly hopes that they will fall in love with the area and decide to move to the beautiful city, bringing her that much closer to fulfilling her late husband’s dying wish.

The family is on their way and Carlita is anxiously awaiting their arrival when she receives an urgent phone call from her daughter, Mercedes, who is in the riverfront district, where she was planning to meet another author to discuss a cold case murder.

When Mercedes arrives at the meeting place, she finds the author’s body lying on the ground.  As investigators begin to delve into the man’s death, they begin uncovering clues, and they’re pointing right at Mercedes.

Mercedes, her family and friends begin an investigation of their own and quickly realize someone close to Mercedes has set her up.  Can they track down the killer before the cops delve into the Garlucci family history, putting all of them at risk?


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Photo of Setup in Savannah in Savannah Author Hope CallaghanNote From Hope Callaghan–I hope you enjoy reading Setup in Savannah.  It was a fun book to write.  If you do enjoy it, would you please take a minute to give a review on it?  I would be so thankful if you did!  

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