Peculiar Poison

Peculiar Poison

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Peculiar Poison Is A Christian Cozy Mystery Book and Book 18 In The Cruise Ship Cozy Mysteries Series.

About the Book

Peculiar Poison Book 18 In The Cruise Ship Christian Cozy Mysteries Series

When a crew member is mysteriously poisoned onboard the “Siren of the Seas,” Millie fights to clear her name after becoming a suspect.

Peculiar Poison – Cruise Ship Cozy Mysteries Book 18

BONUS: Recipe Included!


As the Siren of the Seas continues their British Isles cruise season, Millie can’t wait for her first ever visit to a castle – and Blarney Castle at that. She and Amit plan to visit the castle to pick up some Hawthorne berries for Annette, hoping they’ll help her friend’s heart condition.

Unfortunately, all of the tours are booked and taxis nearly impossible to get by the time they are able to get off the ship. Sophia reaches out to a friend who agrees to take them to the castle. Little do they know, it’s going to be one wild ride!

Millie returns from the trip and discovers that Sophia has become ill. Her illness takes a chilling turn when the ship’s doctor discovers the woman has been poisoned and all of the clues point to Millie as the one responsible.

Sophia accuses Millie and files a formal complaint against her. The head of security promises to get to the bottom of it, but time is running out.

Will Millie & the gang solve the mystery of the peculiar poisoning…or will she be fired from her job and sent back to the States?




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