Murder on Summer Lane

Murder on Summer Lane

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Murder on Summer Lane is Book 22 in the Garden Girls Cozy Mystery Series written by Christian Mystery Author Hope Callaghan.

Chaos erupts at Andrea’s baby shower, meanwhile Gloria’s sister, Liz, becomes a murder suspect while house sitting for the summer. 

About the Book

Murder on Summer Lane


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The Garden Girls have planned the perfect baby shower for Andrea and her husband, Brian. The decorations are in place, the delicious dishes lovingly prepared by the friends and nearly half the town of Belhaven has been invited to join in the joyous occasion, but there’s trouble on the horizon.

As if dealing with the unexpected wrench in their perfectly laid party plans isn’t enough, Liz, Gloria’s sister, has arrived for the summer, and invited the friends to stop by for a tour of her swanky new summer digs.

The friends tour the beautiful home and grounds, and Gloria can’t believe her sister’s good fortune. It seems almost to be too good to be true.

But all is not perfect in Liz’s slice of paradise. She hasn’t even unpacked her bags when the women make an unsettling discovery, setting Liz up as the prime suspect for a murder investigation.

With a killer on the loose, will Gloria and the Garden Girls convince Liz to give up her dream summer home long enough to clear her name and keep her from becoming the next victim?

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