Millie’s Cruise Ship Mysteries – Ketchikan Killer

Millie’s Cruise Ship Mysteries – Ketchikan Killer

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Millie's Cruise Ship Mysteries - Ketchikan Killer is book 3 in the Cruise Director Millie Mysteries

About the Book

Millie’s Cruise Ship Mysteries – Ketchikan Killer

There’s a killer in Ketchikan and Millie may have the key to solving the case, if she and Captain Armati can stay alive long enough to see justice served.

Cruise Director Millie Mystery Series is the new spin-off series from the wildly popular Millie’s Cruise Ship Cozy Mysteries by Author Hope Callaghan.

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Millie’s Alaskan Adventures are off to a shaky start when she loses her passport after arriving home in West Michigan. Unable to fly to Vancouver without it, she and Captain Armati book a flight to Ketchikan, Alaska where they’ll catch up with Siren of the Seas for the summer season.

While waiting at the airport, Millie notices a woman who appears distressed. Thinking there’s a chance she might be in some sort of trouble, she follows her to the bathroom and asks her if she’s okay. The woman claims to have met a man the previous night and thinks he may be stalking her. Despite Millie’s suggestions, the woman is reluctant to alert security.

The couple finally reach Ketchikan and set out to explore the town on foot. Just hours after their arrival, they discover there has been a murder – the murder of the young woman Millie met in the airport.

Believing she might have valuable information, Millie and Nic visit the local police station. Soon after, disturbing incidents start to occur. Are Millie and Nic being stalked by a Ketchikan Killer?

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