Matrimony & Mayhem

Matrimony & Mayhem

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Matrimony & Mayhem Is A Cozy Mystery Book By Christian Author Hope Callaghan. It's Book 11 In the Made In Savannah Cozy Mysteries Series. Read More...

About the Book

“Matrimony & Mayhem” is Book 11 in the Made in Savannah Cozy Mysteries Series


After a guest keels over while eating at Tony and Shelby’s wedding reception, the Garlucci women scramble to save their new restaurant’s reputation and possibly their family’s lives.

Carlita Garlucci is thrilled now that her new Italian restaurant, Ravello’s Ristorante is finally set to open in just a few days. Her new staff is in place and ready to get down to business.

Even more exciting is Tony and Shelby’s wedding, hosted by Ravello’s, of course. The ceremony is a joyous affair and the guests rave over the authentic Italian feast.

The event is going off without a hitch…until a wedding guest complains of not feeling well, right before collapsing in the courtyard. Is it a simple case of heat exhaustion, perhaps a medical incident, or worse still…food poisoning?

With the new restaurant’s reputation on the line, Carlita and Mercedes spearhead their own investigation and soon realize that some of their own family members might have been the intended targets.

Will they find out who’s behind the deadly scheme or is the matrimonial mayhem just the tip of the iceberg?



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Matrimony & Mayhem is Book 11 in the Made in Savannah Cozy Mysteries Series

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