Easton Island – The Letter

Easton Island – The Letter

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Series: Easton Island Family Saga Mystery Series, Book 2
Genres: cozy mysteries, family sagas
Tags: christian fiction books, women's fiction
Publisher: Hope Callaghan
Publication Year: 2022

Easton Island - The Letter is book 2 in the Easton Island Family Saga Mystery Series.

About the Book

Easton Island – The Letter

Easton Island is the continuing saga of one woman’s journey from incredible loss to finding a past she knew nothing about, including a family who both embraces and fears her and a charming island that draws her in. This inspirational series is for lovers of family sagas, mystery, and a touch of romance.

Shortly after returning home from her whirlwind trip to Easton Island, Morgan receives a phone call from her mother’s best friend, letting her know that she’ll be moving out of Looking Glass Cottage and hints there is trouble brewing at Easton Estate.

Ronni warns Morgan that she might want to head back sooner rather than later. Anxious to find out what’s going on, she rushes back to the island.

When she arrives, she’s greeted with chaos after a family guest brings unwelcome change to Easton Estates and Morgan quickly makes tackling the problem a top priority.

As the events unfold, more of the family’s secrets are revealed, including who resides in the secret wing of the estate, and Morgan finally reads her mother’s letter.

After reading the letter, will Morgan embrace the island and her newfound family, or will she flee like her mother did so many years ago?

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