Easton Island – The Christmas Gift

Easton Island – The Christmas Gift

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Series: Easton Island Family Saga Mystery Series, Book 5
Genres: Christian Fiction, cozy mysteries, family sagas
Tags: beach reads, christmas novels, family saga, women's fiction
Publisher: Hope Callaghan
Publication Year: 2023

Easton Island - The Christmas Gift is book 5 in the Easton Island Family Saga Mystery Series.

About the Book

Easton Island – The Christmas Gift

Easton Island is the continuing saga of one woman’s journey from incredible loss to finding a past she knew nothing about, including a family who both embraces and fears her and a charming island that draws her in.

This inspirational series is for lovers of family sagas, mystery, and a touch of romance.


Morgan Easton’s year has been a whirlwind of heartache and heartbreak after the death of her mother and her husband abandoning her. It’s also been filled with moments of joy finding family and making new friends on Easton Island.

The Christmas holiday season has arrived and Morgan’s grandmother Elizabeth has decided to host the “event of the season” at Easton Estate, to announce her grandchildren as successors and heirs to the Easton Family Dynasty.

Morgan learns what the final gift her mother bequeathed to her is and discovers the will might not be as cut and dried as she thought. While touring the property, she finds someone has ransacked the place looking for something, but what?

She slowly uncovers more family secrets, including what may have caused the destruction of Locke Meadow, her grandparents’ former home.

As Morgan desperately tries to fit the pieces of the family puzzle together, she wonders if there’s anyone she can trust.

Will the Christmas gift be the end of her life on Easton Island?

Find out when you grab your copy of Easton Island – The Christmas Gift today!


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