Easton Island – Looking Glass Cottage

Easton Island – Looking Glass Cottage

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Easton Island - Looking Glass Cottage: Book 1 in the Easton Island Family Saga Series

About the Book

Easton Island – Looking Glass Cottage is the beginning of one woman’s journey from incredible loss to finding a past she knew nothing about, including a family who both embraces and fears her and a charming island that draws her in. This inspirational series is for lovers of family sagas, mystery, and a touch of romance.

Morgan Easton Greer is forced to pick up the pieces and start over after her world is shattered by a series of tragic events including a failing marriage and losing her mother.

Shortly after her mother’s death, a mysterious letter arrives, inviting Morgan to a remote island for the reading of her mother’s will… a will she had no idea existed.

Does Morgan have the courage to claim what is rightfully hers and start over by building a life she never dreamed possible?

Find out when you grab your copy of Easton Island – Looking Glass Cottage today!

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