Easton Island – Coming Home

Easton Island – Coming Home

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Series: Easton Island Family Saga Mystery Series, Book 3
Genres: Christian Fiction, cozy mysteries, family sagas
Tags: beach reads, women's fiction
Publisher: Hope Callaghan
Publication Year: 2022

Easton Island - Coming Home is book 3 in the Easton Island Family Saga Mystery Series.

About the Book

Easton Island – Coming Home


Easton Island is the continuing saga of one woman’s journey from incredible loss to finding a past she knew nothing about, including a family who both embraces and fears her and a charming island that draws her in. This inspirational series is for lovers of family sagas, mystery, and a touch of romance.

Morgan Easton has tied up all the loose ends in Fort Myers and is eager to make the big move to Easton Island…all loose ends except for the fact that her soon-to-be-ex-husband and his attorney are requesting additional time.

Although wary of their intentions, Morgan reluctantly agrees to the extension and is determined to clear the air. She arrives at Jason’s downtown apartment and discovers he’s living in a rough area of town. When he doesn’t answer the door, Morgan is convinced he’s avoiding her.

With the unresolved issue hanging over her head, Morgan sticks with her plan, and she and her best friend Quinn head north, ready to start the next chapter in their lives.

Within hours of arriving, Morgan learns Jason has not only followed her, but he’s also been watching her every move.

With the help of an Easton Estate staff member and friend, she discovers Jason is involved in highly illegal activities that could take her down with him.

Will Morgan finally find her happily ever after on Easton Island, or will she forever regret coming home?

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