Cruise Ship Cozy Mysteries: Southampton Strangler

Cruise Ship Cozy Mysteries: Southampton Strangler

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Series: Cruise Ship Cozy Mysteries Series, Book 21
Genres: Christian Fiction, cozy mysteries, cozy mystery books
Tags: amateur sleuths, cozy mysteries 2021
Publisher: Hope Callaghan
Publication Year: 2021
Length: 348

Cruise Ship Cozy Mysteries: Southampton Strangler Book 21

About the Book

Cruise Ship Cozy Mysteries: Southampton Strangler – Book 21


Millie is convinced the Southampton Strangler is onboard the Siren of the Seas, and soon finds herself in a deadly cat-and-mouse pursuit as she tries to not only stay one step ahead of the killer, but stay alive.

Discover why so many fans love the “Original” Cruise Ship Cozy Mystery series by Hope Callaghan!

Southampton Strangler: Cruise Ship Cozy Mysteries Book 21

BONUS: Recipes Included!

For Millie and the Siren of the Seas’ crew members, the Southampton departure is bittersweet, as they leave behind new friends that they’ve made, including Halbert Pennyman, an area homeless man.

Within hours of the ship leaving port to head back to Miami, the ship’s chief of security discovers the Southampton Strangler could very well be on board.

As disturbing events begin to unfold, Millie is convinced that not only is the strangler on board, but she’s also managed to get on the killer’s radar.

It’s a cat-and-mouse pursuit as she tries desperately to not only stay one step ahead of the strangler but stay alive.

Will Millie be added to the long list of the strangler’s victims? Find out in the new Millie Cruise Ship Mystery!


What readers are saying:

★★★★★ Cruising Christian Cozy
Ms. Callaghan pens an intriguing cozy without graphic violence or obscenities. The Cruise Line features a varied crew working together and friends, wanting to do the right thing as well as respecting each other and the passengers. Millie and her close friends have a knack for getting to the bottom of things and often look at things differently enough to solve the current mystery, in this case a murderer on board. -Kindle Customer

★★★★★ Another Interesting Cozy
This was another interesting cozy filled with suspense, twists and turns.
I loved the storyline and the cast of characters. -Linda Rainey

★★★★★ Love this series!
Love this series! The Southampton Strangler is believed to be onboard the cruise ship. Will Millie’s snooping end her career…or her life? This great new mystery has suspects galore, red herrings, plenty of plot twists and a great cast of characters all tied together by expert storytelling. I enjoyed this book and am eagerly looking forward to the next one. -Sandy Sez

★★★★★ GREAT entertaining series!
This book is 21 in the series! It actually almost seems to get better after each book!! I say almost because each book is top-notch! Such a delight to read! I am always happy to discover a new release. Try the first one and watch Millie’s trials and progress. THEN binge read the other 20. After all that you will be smiling! You found a new world and a new family of wonderful peeps you can relate to! YEAH! HUGS! LOL -Edith Patchan

★★★★★ Millie VS the Strangler
As usual, another Millie mystery does the trick! I love Ms. Callaghan’s Millie books. There’s always so much adventure and love and camaraderie. I think it’s the fact that Ms Callaghan puts family into all of her books and does such a good job of it.
I’ve never taken a cruise but it sure sounds interesting! I wonder if I’d find such a friendly activities director as Millie is. The way her mind works is amazing! And it’s the little things like letting Suharto use her computer to send a Video to his wife. I just can’t explain why I like these books so much, but I do and I can’t wait for the next cruise ship book. -Sierraflowr

★★★★★ Crime on the High Seas
All hands on deck – Captain Nic, Millie and friends. As Siren of the Sea returns to Florida with its intriguing crew, unexpected twist and turns, red herrings, and some not so friendly passengers – alerting Millie to step up her sleuthing. This avid retired reader, always enjoy Millie’s interactions with crew and guests. Sharky’s surprises puts the staff on alert. Recipes for Healthy Greek Salad, Meat Marinade, and Tzatziki included. Southampton Strangler is a delightful arm chair cruise read. -Deutsche OMA

★★★★★ Awesome!
I can’t explain the appeal that Hope’s books have on me. Just when you think a book (not matter which one of her series) can’t beat the last one you read, she does it again! -Kindle Customer



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