Cruise Ship Cozy Mysteries Box Set III (Books 7-9)

Cruise Ship Cozy Mysteries Box Set III (Books 7-9)

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Cruise Ship Cozy Mysteries Box Set III (Books 7-9) by Author Hope Callaghan. Read More...

About the Book

“Treat yourself to 3 clean, Cruise Ship Cozy Mysteries with this boxed set…You deserve it!

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Cruise Ship Cozy Mysteries Box Set III (Books 7-9)


Cruise Ship Cozy Mysteries Box Set III Contains:

Killer Karoke (Cruise Ship Mystery Book 7)

Suite Revenge (Cruise Ship Mystery Book 8)

Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’ (Cruise Ship Mystery Book 9)

Killer Karaoke

Millie Sanders is living the charmed life on board the mega cruise ship, “Siren of the Seas.” She loves her job as assistant cruise director. Her fairy-tale romance with Captain Armati is moving full steam ahead and she’s building friendships that she hopes will last a lifetime.

Just when Millie is convinced life couldn’t get any better, she finds herself neck deep in a murder investigation when her boss, Andy Walker, is accused of murdering one of the ship’s electrical engineers.

Determined to clear her boss’s name despite his lack of an alibi, Millie begins her own investigation with some help from her close-knit group of friends. Will Millie be able to uncover the killer before he or she strikes again?

Suite Revenge

After a brief break back home, Millie Sanders returns as Assistant Cruise Director aboard the “Siren of the Seas” mega cruise ship. She can’t wait to get back into her routine and to see her good friends Cat and Annette, but also the love of her life, Captain “Nic” Armati.

When Millie’s daughter, Beth, and her family decide to book a weeklong cruise aboard Millie’s ship the same week Millie returns, she’s excited to introduce her family to her cruise ship family.

Millie’s joy turns to shock when she discovers not only is her beloved family joining her for the cruise, but also her ex-husband, Roger, and his fiancée, Delilah.

Things quickly go from bad to worse when Delilah is found dead and Roger is convinced Millie is to blame.
Will Millie and the ship’s crewmembers be able to prove her innocence…or will her ex-husband get his suite revenge?

Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’

Rumors are swirling on board the cruise ship, “Siren of the Seas.” Millie Sanders, Assistant Cruise Director, has heard them all…the ship is being sold; the cruise line is filing bankruptcy or worse yet, the company is going under.

When the ship arrives in Miami with what could be their last load of passengers, a police car and ambulance are waiting. Millie soon discovers that an unknown assailant has attacked one of her friends on board.

The mystery deepens as the attacks continue and threaten to turn deadly. Can Millie and the gang keep their friend out of harm’s way while they solve the mystery or are they cruisin’ for a bruisin’?


Cruise Ship Cozy Mysteries Box Set III (Books 7-9)


Cruise Ship Cozy Mysteries Box Set III Author Hope Callaghan

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