Cruise Ship Cozy Mysteries Box Set Four (Books 10-12)

Cruise Ship Cozy Mysteries Box Set Four (Books 10-12)

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Cruise Ship Cozy Mysteries Box Set Four (Books 10-12) by Author Hope Callaghan. Read More...

About the Book

Cruise Ship Cozy Mysteries Box Set Four

This Boxed Set Contains:

High Seas Heist (Cruise Ship Mystery Book 10)
Family, Friends, and Foes (Cruise Ship Mystery Book 11)
Murder on Main (Cruise Ship Mystery Book 12)

High Seas Heist (Book 10)
Assistant Cruise Director, Millie Sanders is overwhelmed when her boss takes an emergency leave of absence to care for his ailing mother, and discovers she’s now in charge of the entire ship’s entertainment.

As if she didn’t have enough on her plate, a family of special “guests” arrives for a last minute cruise, which threatens to send Millie over the edge.

Her anxiety turns to outright panic when the manager of the ship’s art gallery discovers several expensive pieces of art have been stolen and the manager is pointing fingers at not only Andy, but also Millie!

Can Millie keep her cool long enough to help solve the mystery of the high seas heist or will she risk losing her job and face possible prison time?

Family, Friends, and Foes (Book 11)

Mere hours before she’s set to marry the man of her dreams, Millie Sanders receives a hand delivered note from a family member that could threaten her wedding plans as well as her future as Assistant Cruise Director onboard “Siren of the Seas.”

To make matters worse, Captain Armati tells her that their upcoming dream honeymoon on the island of Saint-Martin is in jeopardy because of two mysterious deaths at the all-inclusive resort, owned by his close friend, Regan Leclerc.

Millie quickly realizes something more sinister is afoot and a serial killer may be on the loose.
When Regan’s wife, Nadia, begs Millie for her help in solving the string of deaths that are plaguing the resort, the duo decides they must move quickly to track down the killer or face the possibility of becoming the killer’s next victims.

Murder on Main (Book 12)

Assistant Cruise Director Millie Sanders-Armati and her new husband, Captain Nic Armati, have just returned from their week-long honeymoon on the tropical island of St. Maarten. Their idyllic week in paradise is quickly forgotten when they return to the ship, “Siren of the Seas,” and discover that a passenger has drowned in their bathtub.

Initially believed to be an accidental drowning, the investigation soon turns to a murder investigation. The passenger, a member of a senior travel group, has more than her share of enemies and the list of suspects quickly grows.

When Millie is assigned to help coordinate the group’s activities, she encounters possibly the most annoying passenger ever; only to discover she’ll have to work with this person for the remainder of the cruise.

Can Millie survive working with the annoying guest long enough to help solve the Murder on Main or will solving the mystery be the least of her worries?


Cruise Ship Cozy Mysteries Box Set Four (Books 10-12) by Author Hope Callaghan.


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