Alien Allure

Alien Allure

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Alien Allure is Book 23 in the Garden Girls Cozy Mystery Series written by Christian Mystery Author Hope Callaghan.

After a group of spy and alien enthusiasts descend on the small town of Belhaven, a child is abducted, prompting Gloria & the Garden Girls to investigate.

About the Book

Alien Allure – Get the brand new Christian Mystery by Author Hope Callaghan

When Ruth is appointed regional director of NASCA (North American Surveillance and Communications Association) the Garden Girls volunteer to help her host her first ever convention.

Soon after, the small town of Belhaven is overrun with enthusiasts not only looking to learn about the latest spy and surveillance technology, but to also make contact with aliens.

As if an alien Elvis and a lightsaber carrying band of attendees isn’t enough to keep Ruth and friends on their toes, Rose concocts a special potion, “Alien Allure,” to make it easier to attract the otherworldly beings.

After a recent child abduction in the area, Gloria does a little investigating but vows to stay out of it until the abductor strikes a little too close to home.

Can Gloria and the Garden Girls figure out who is targeting the children, all the while keeping the spies and aliens from turning Belhaven upside down?

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