Behind the Scenes Cruising + Garden Girls & Savannah

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As I mentioned last week, Mitchell and I are back from our cruise to the Southern Caribbean. We attended a very interesting talk hosted by our cruise director.

Pete pulled back the curtain and gave us a snapshot of what happened when the pandemic first shut the cruise ships down, life on board without passengers and the work involved in starting back up.

I’ll start with a glimpse of what happened in the beginning, continue with how the cruise line managed to get thousands of crewmembers back home and what it took to get their ship up and running again. See below for part #1 and a picture of the ship we were on!



Cruise Industry Shutdown. Ready to Cruise – But No Passengers!
*Disclaimer. This is what happened on one cruise ship and one cruise line and me sharing my version of what we were told.

Here’s a photo of our cruise ship docked in Curacao.

Living in Florida, there were numerous reports about the cruise industry and the shutdowns, with some ships even being left at sea with passengers onboard because no port wanted to take them. Eventually, all docked and passengers disembarked. What happened to the crew after they were gone?

Massive amounts of food – provisions – are needed for these ships. Many times, Mitchell and I have disembarked and noticed the long lines of semi-trailers waiting to unload food and supplies for the next voyage.

At the beginning of the shutdown, our cruise ship found itself fully loaded with food and supplies but no passengers. So, what’s a cruise ship to do? Share it with the staff and crew.

From what we learned, the ship’s crew were upgraded to passenger’s cabins. They dined on the food brought on board and were entertained by the staff. In other words, the staff and crew cruised like the rest of us. Thinking it would only be a brief shutdown, they (and we) all quickly discovered that was not how events would play out.

Part #2. What happened to all of the ship’s crew when the cruise lines discovered it would be a long time before passengers would be allowed back on board?

How do you transport thousands of crewmembers – from all different corners of the world – home? I’m glad you asked.

The way the cruise line handled this was ingenious so stay tuned!

Behind the Scenes Cruising + Garden Girls & Savannah

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